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Rob Minnick headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Laurel, MD
Founded: 1954
Industry: Professional services
Generations: 3

Category: Emerging



Rob Minnick
President and CEO

Minnick’s is a home-performance heating, cooling, plumbing and insulation company. “We look for those four hidden threats lurking inside your own home and provide tips to living a happier and healthier existence,” says Rob Minnick, president and CEO.

“In the past, we had no process to determine if a family member was qualified,” says Minnick. “In 2010, we created a process for all hires, no matter if it is family or not. First, we conduct a one-hour face-to-face interview. Then we run a DISC assessment, to make sure the hire is applying for the right position and they will be a good fit. We then do a ‘day on the job,’ and they work with other employees. We receive feedback from our employees from a form we created. Lastly, we wrap up with a final interview.”

Quick Tip: “Make sure if you are in a partnership, especially with family, you have a solid stakeholder’s agreement.”

Rob Minnick developed the company’s first written set of core values in 2009. They include doing the right thing, creating positive, lasting memories and succeeding as a team while excelling as individuals. “Company leaders must maintain a culture that promotes adherence to these values in all that we do,” says Minnick.

Minnick’s was founded in 1954 by William Minnick, who passed the business down to his son, Larry. Today, Larry’s sons Rob and Rusty are part of the company’s leadership team. “Our foremost responsibilities are to our customers,” says Minnick. “Our values of ethical behavior are an important part of who we are, and their incorporation into the fabric of the company directly impacts our ability to make progress toward achieving our mission.”