Kiddie Academy

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Michael Miller headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Abingdon, MD
Founded: 1981
Industry: Child care/Service
Generations: 3

Category: Medium


Kiddie Academy

Michael Miller

Founders George and Pauline Miller started Kiddie Academy in October 1981 with the first location in Baltimore County. In 1984, their son Michael joined, serving in various positions until he took over leadership of the company when his parents retired in 1996.

Michael Miller was instrumental in the decision to move forward with franchising Kiddie Academy. His work took the company into its next round of growth, transitioning from a local business to a national brand. Miller’s son, Casey Miller, has now joined the family business, following in his father’s footsteps by becoming the third-generation family member to work for Kiddie Academy. While at Loyola University, Casey Miller interned at Kiddie Academy, where he was observed by the leadership team to assess his business acumen and potential fit within the organization.

Quick Tip: “As a family business owner, you represent your brand. In turn, your brand is a representation of you. At some point, they become one and the same.”

“The Kiddie Academy culture is both collegial and collaborative,” says Michael Miller. “The company’s average tenure at the senior level is over eight years.”

“The wins, losses, successes and failures that come with building and running a family business have defined who I am,” says Michael Miller. “I’m very grateful and humble for the opportunity and challenges my family business has provided, and I’m excited about the opportunity for my son to have the same experiences.”