Fireline Corporation

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Family Business Honoree

Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1947
Industry: Construction
Generations: 3

Category: Medium


Fireline Corporation

Anna Gavin

“When taking over the company in 2009, it was my goal to continue the work of my father and grandfather,” says Anna Gavin, president of Fireline Corporation. “While we had a mission statement, I felt it important to go further to define our vision and values as well. The recurring themes are the desire to be a leader in the industry through quality work, caring for our customers and community, the recognition of the importance of life safety, and growing the company for the benefit of the employees and their families.”

Gavin began working at Fireline part-time while in college. “Looking back, I can see that my father was grooming me to run the business, though I did not know it nor did I intend to run” Fireline, she says. “I started in accounts receivable and reception. I received no privileges for being the boss’s daughter. I learned to appreciate what the administrative staff goes through, I learned how they think and what makes an office run well.”

Fun Fact: “John Waters is the son of Fireline’s founder John Waters Sr. My uncle John obviously did not take to the family business and chose an alternate career path. The story goes that my uncle John did work at Fireline — for about half a day. He worked in the shop for a few hours, went to lunch and never came back.”

“Many of our initiatives center on the concept of communication. Employees need to know what is expected of them and where they stand in the company,” says Gavin.

“I would like my legacy to be that my youth gave the company an immense advantage at a time when succession planning of the boomers was a primary concern for many family-owned businesses,” says Gavin.