Chaney Enterprises

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Location: Gambrills, MD
Founded: 1962
Industry: Construction
Generations: 3

Category: Large


Chaney Enterprises

Francis Hall Chaney
Executive Vice President

“The core values today are extremely similar to those at the inception of the company,” says Francis “Hall” Chaney, executive vice president of Chaney Enterprises. “The largest change is how they are marketed and driven internally. It becomes more and more challenging to ensure that all employees understand the goals of a company [as it] expands in size.”

Family members hoping to join Chaney Enterprises’ management team must first work at another company for an extended period of time and obtain a substantial promotion there. “In addition, they must complete at a minimum their undergraduate degree,” says Chaney. “For family members interested in other positions within the company, we use one simple standard: You should produce at a 115-percent rate against all others’ 100 percent. We are far from perfect, but we have tried our best to watch nepotism while continuing to hold all of us to a high accountability measure.”

Fun Fact: “Our business in the ‘60s and ‘70s included restaurants, movie stores, charter boats and small casinos.”

“Our core business of sand and gravel and ready-mix concrete still drives our economic engine,” says Chaney. “If anything, we have simply streamlined the businesses we have been in, slimming down and concentrating on what we believe our Hedgehog Concept to be.”

“We would hope that the legacy of our company was one that simply impacted our employees’ lives, always remained engaged fully in our communities and gave back to the people and markets with which our company was built,” says Chaney.