Bratt Décor, Inc.

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Family Business Honoree

Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1995
Industry: Manufacturing and retail
Generations: 2

Category: Emerging


Bratt Décor, Inc.

Mary Bauer

Bratt Décor, Inc. co-founder Stephen Bauer has a background in furniture and design, and when he created a crib for his wife Mary Bauer 20 years ago, the company was born. “The core value of the business was to create peace of mind and beauty for new families,” says Mary Bauer, now president of Bratt Décor, which manufactures furniture and décor for nurseries. “Our reputation has been built slowly and through personal experience, and we’ve been rewarded with a loyal and returning customer base.”

Mary Bauer’s two sons work in the business part-time alongside their parents. “We aren’t there yet, but we hope that with formal education, and a lifelong front seat to this company, the boys will have a unique perspective and experience that will greatly benefit this company,” says Bauer. “Both will have worked from the bottom, unloading trucks and cleaning, to the top.”

Quick Tip: “Know that it is not possible to have it all. You need to prioritize and maintain those priorities as you move through your days.”

“Our leadership has not transitioned as our boys are still students,” says Bauer. “However, Sebastian is in his third year of college studying economics, and his final paper on the crib industry was very insightful. Raiff is preparing to study design next year at university, and we look forward to seeing how these talents and skills will grow and change our business.”

“Our legacy is still in its infancy,” says Bauer. “We hope that through the lifetime of lessons, experiences and love we’ve provided our children, they have absorbed what we value and
will continue to carry that out in all areas of their lives.”