Acme Paper & Supply

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Ron Attman headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Jessup, MD
Founded: 1946
Industry: Distribution
Generations: 3

Category: Large


Acme Paper & Supply

Ron Attman
Vice President and Principal

“Every employee is considered to be an extension of the Attman family,” says Ron Attman, vice president and principal of Acme Paper & Supply. “In fact, my dad [Ed Attman] regularly says that he doesn’t just have four sons — he has more than 500 children.”

“I celebrated my first day at Acme when I was only 12. I started by helping my dad around the office with simple clerical work,” says Attman. “When I turned 17, I started working in the warehouse and got to know the inventory. After I graduated from college, I joined the sales team. My father used the same approach to help my brothers learn the business.”

Fun Fact: “Before my father founded the company, he worked in another family business — Baltimore’s famous Attman’s Deli, which was founded by my grandfather, Harry Attman.”

“When Ed Attman founded Acme, he was adamant that family should be a central part of the company’s culture,” says Ron Attman. “To this day, family remains a central aspect of Acme Paper’s business model, both when working externally with clients and internally with one another.”

“My father’s legacy will be founding Acme Paper, a business that was very unique for its time. When he started the company, paper plates, cups, utensils and similar products were not commonly used as they are today,” says Attman. “He recognized the potential demand for these types of products and was the first in the area to sell them.”