About Faces Day Spa & Salon

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Eric Brennan headshot
Family Business Honoree

Location: Towson, MD
Founded: 1970
Industry: Salon and spa services
Generations: 2

Category: Large


About Faces Day Spa & Salon

Eric Brennan

“About Faces has grown because of the reputation we have built over many years of delivering both excellent customer and technical service,” says Eric Brennan, CEO of About Faces Day Spa & Salon. “We also believe strongly in education and continuous improvement, and seek to make meaningful changes in the services we deliver and how we deliver them.”

After graduating from Boston College, Brennan returned home to look at his career options, and during this time supported About Faces full-time while it opened a third location. He worked on improving specific areas of the business, including accounting, supply chain, marketing and general management. In 2012, he took over the CEO position from his father, Patrick Brennan.

Quick Tip: “Love your family and embrace your values. At the end of the day, you are a family first.”

“Over the years, the family members have been in multiple roles at the same time and have always been aware that this could lead to crossed lines of communication and direction,” says Brennan. “To avoid any confusion, we do our best to always listen.”

“I would like to see About Faces recognized for always having a positive impact on the lives of our employees and clients,” says Brennan. “We are not just multi-generational as a family business, but also have generations of clients visiting us. That is something we are very proud of.”