Wesley Craft

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Industry: Media/PR

Years in role: 5
Years at company: 5

Wesley Craft
CTO and Director of Digital

Inside Lacrosse

SPIRIT OF INNOVATION: “During my tenure, I’ve changed my approach to innovation to fit the immediate need,” says Wesley Craft, CTO and director of digital for Inside Lacrosse. “In the first few years, it was a process of fixing some broken technology that was causing a lot of grief and frustration. To build confidence in the team that we could compete at the top levels in the industry, they needed to know that we could get a volatile tech suite under control and build overhead to allow us to do some new things.” With that accomplished, Craft has encouraged the team to brainstorm together and identify new priorities.

QUICK TIP: “Anyone can have a website. But it’s not about that. It’s about our brand being wherever our customers need us to be.”

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: An upcoming product release will bring a new recruiting content section to Inside Lacrosse’s website. “The information to populate this section will be driven by a collection of tools that allow our curated cache of experts to evaluate high school players on the field,” says Craft. The system significantly reduces the amount of manual labor required to develop annual ranking lists.

ABOVE AND BEYOND: During his tenure at Inside Lacrosse, Craft has implemented a new product development methodology. “We can now accomplish great amounts of new and maintenance development without seeming like we are overloaded, stressed or out of time,” he says.