Steve Carne

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Location: Savage, MD
Industry: Outdoor adventures

Years in role: 1
Years at company: 5

Steve Carne
General Manager

Terrapin Adventures

LEADERSHIP AND MENTORING: “Management is a shared experience rooted in effective communication,” says Steve Carne, general manager at Terrapin Adventures. “Through constantly engaging employees, I can connect with them, understand their concerns, sell them on our shared goals, and form an environment more akin to family than a dour place of work.”

FUN FACT: “I am an avid outdoorsman. I love all outdoor adventures, from backpacking to rock climbing.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: When Carne joined Terrapin, the company was moving from incipient growth to a more stable model. “The challenge I found was in maintaining the energy and spirit found in a new business, while embracing the need for a more established organization,” he says. “I took time daily to speak with staff about what growth they wished to see and how they wanted to leave their mark on the company. I facilitated debriefs and group discussions geared toward clarifying goals and generating buy-in.”

DRIVING VALUE: “There are certainly projects I have spearheaded and initiatives I am quite proud of, many of which improved company value. But if the measure of successful management lay in driving company value, all singular things would fall short,” says Carne. “Rather, I see the relationship building with employees, effective sharing of vision and motivation as the crux of driving company value.”