Steve Baldwin

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Industry: Nonprofit

Years in role: 6
Years at company: 14

Steve Baldwin

The Children’s Guild Inc.

GROWTH CHAMPION: When Steve Baldwin, EVP and CFO, joined The Children’s Guild Inc., the organization was focused on providing special education and related services to emotionally disturbed and autistic children. The board and management team wanted to expand the work The Children’s Guild was doing to other fields, but the organization lacked sufficient resources. “I was able to identify a less expensive alternative staffing model, which along with temporary reductions in indirect support services improved our cash flow,” Baldwin says. Soon, The Children’s Guild was able to open its first charter school.

QUICK TIP:  “The quality of the people around you will determine the magnitude of your success.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: “The CEO and I come from opposite sides of most issues, which makes us a perfect team,” says Baldwin. “When we disagree on a subject and he decides to go in a direction other than the one I advocated for, I know I have been heard and my concerns have been fairly and fully considered.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: Rapid revenue growth has meant that The Children’s Guild needed some tech upgrades. Baldwin decided to integrate the IT support and maintenance support systems, replacing a paper-based system for maintenance requests. “The result was a reduction in the cost of maintenance staffing, accompanied by a higher service rating for repairs,” he says.