Ryan McQueeney

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Industry: Technology

Years in role: 2.4
Years at company: 2.4

Ryan McQueeney

RedOwl Analytics, Inc.

GROWTH CHAMPION: CFO Ryan McQueeney was the first finance hire at RedOwl Analytics, Inc. in August 2013. “I was brought in to get a handle on the finances and partner with the board and CEO to help them understand and drive decisions in order to grow the business,” he says. “I spent time with the board and management team to build a disciplined cash flow forecast and analysis to help determine the amount of capital to raise.”

QUICK TIP: “My mantra as it relates to financial integrity is based on whether I want to be on the front page of a major newspaper.”

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: “My first goal when I started was to establish trust with the CEO, board and management team in general,” says McQueeney. “I prepared an analysis of cash flows on a daily basis, including inflows and the next 30 days of outflows” that helped guide the CEO’s efforts during the company’s early days.

ABOVE AND BEYOND: McQueeney has taken it upon himself to keep both the board and the CEO constantly informed about RedOwl’s cash flow. “They should never be surprised as to what is going on inside the business.”