Paul J. Sawchuk

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Industry: Legal

Years in role: 7
Years at company: 9.5

Paul J. Sawchuk
IT Director

Franklin & Prokopik

SPIRIT OF INNOVATION: “Prior to my role at Franklin & Prokopik, I worked in customer-facing and sales roles, so my instinct is to draw from that experience to sell ideas,” says IT director Paul J. Sawchuk. “The same fundamentals apply: Start by understanding the needs and concerns.” Sawchuk presents the firm’s technology strategy at an annual partner meeting, demonstrating its progression through success stories. In addition, he was able to make the case for a new role at the firm — that of a full-time professional development specialist.

FUN FACT: “In college, I DJed drum-and-bass music, in addition to organizing and promoting events at many of the largest night clubs in Baltimore.” 

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Technology is fundamental to capturing the time associated with the legal defense of Franklin & Prokopik’s clients. “The less time people spend trying to manipulate data, the more time they can spend producing work product,” Sawchuk notes. “We rely heavily on robust time-capture software that integrates into the back office and cost-recovery software so that we’re able to generate accurate bills for our clients.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: Sawchuk has fostered interdepartmental collaboration to ensure he is addressing the technology needs of the entire firm instead of individual units. “Under my guidance, the firm has successfully completed several projects in the last year that go beyond what technology alone can do,” he says.