Mark C. Steurer

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Location: Hunt Valley, MD
Industry: Real estate

Years in role: 7
Years at company: 5

Mark C. Steurer
HR Director

The Home Sales Company Inc.

PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: When Mark C. Steurer joined The Home Sales Company Inc. as HR director, he found a culture where employees were afraid of getting fired for making mistakes. “Over the years, I have tried to change that culture with an emphasis on finding ways to keep people employed rather than knee-jerk reactions leading to terminations.” To get there, Steurer has established an emphasis on progressive discipline and strong candidate evaluation. The company’s termination rate is now down from 23 percent in 2010 to 16 percent.

FUN FACT: “I went to high school and played on the football team with the former Bruce Jenner.”

EMPLOYEE IMPACT: Steurer has made it his goal to establish a culture where employees enjoy coming to work because they enjoy the people they work for and with. Along the way, he has worked closely with The Home Sales Company’s CEO: “It was he who saw that in order to have significant culture change, he had to make some changes in his senior management team.”

STRONG CULTURE: Developing and managing a strong and consistent corporate culture starts with having a vision of “HR utopia” and taking steps to get there, says Steurer. “We certainly have not achieved utopia yet, but we have made considerable strides. … Areas like benefits, hiring procedures and onboarding have become uniform.”