Marianne Rowan-Braun

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Industry: Healthcare

Years in role: 2
Years at company: 6

Marianne Rowan-Braun
VP, Patient Experience

University of Maryland Medical Center

LEADERSHIP AND MENTORING: “With a sustained optimism and a strategic approach to variables that challenge us, we can always find a roadmap to success,” says Marianne Rowan-Braun, VP, patient experience at University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC). Rowan-Braun’s goal is to recognize and promote value in every person.

FUN FACT: “I earned my bachelor’s degree at 45 and my master’s at 60.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: Rowan-Braun’s biggest challenge is the alignment of the care team. “We are 8,000 people, with diverse roles, sharing a single mission,” she says. “Our collaborative work is reflected in our patient and family experience. We must be aligned in our continuum of care.” Rowan-Braun addresses this challenge by giving everyone equal responsibility for the patient experience. “Our mission to alleviate suffering is not dependent on role; healing is about how we make people feel,” she says.

DRIVING VALUE: Rowan-Braun’s goal is to align everyone with the UMMC mantra: “Privileged to Care.” That mission statement defines purpose for staff and also helps drive reimbursement for the medical center. “Each year, $10 million in reimbursement funds is tied directly to patient satisfaction scores,” says Rowan-Braun. “Privileged to Care keeps us clear on the gift of our chosen profession, and ensures we secure maximum reimbursements available to
enhance all aspects of our care.”