Kevin M. Rochlitz

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Location: Owings Mills, MD
Industry: Professional sports

Years in role: 13
Years at company: 13

Kevin M. Rochlitz
SVP, Corporate Sales and Business Development

Baltimore Ravens Limited

LEADERSHIP AND MENTORING: For Kevin M. Rochlitz, SVP, corporate sales and business development for the Baltimore Ravens Limited, leadership is all about living what you want the team to learn. “Winners beget winners,” he says. “As a team, we celebrate victories together and lean on each other when times are tough.” In turn, Rochlitz leans on the Ravens executive team for ideas and support.

QUICK TIP: “Answer your own calls, be accessible and be available for your clients. You should never be too good to not be available for the people who helped get you where you are.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: “Managing personalities is the biggest challenge I face every day with 15 people on my team and multiple layers, and even more responsibilities and expectations to meet from local and national clients,” says Rochlitz. “It takes a lot to keep everyone on task and moving in the same direction.” While Rochlitz says that this challenge can never be completely overcome, it helps to be patient, listen actively and allow the team room to grow.

DRIVING VALUE: For a year and a half, Rochlitz worked to complete the partnership that would eventually result in the Ravens Under Armour Performance Center in Owings Mills, MD. “This partnership is more than just a name on a building — it is a marriage; an integration of a vision that turned us into industry leaders,” Rochlitz says. “I am very proud of this partnership and what it means to Baltimore.”