Joseph Petti

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Location: Annapolis Junction, MD
Industry: Government contracting

Years in role: 2
Years at company: 4

Joseph Petti

PROTEUS Technologies

LEADERSHIP AND MENTORING: Joseph Petti, SVP at PROTEUS Technologies, has over 30 years of executive management and corporate leadership experience in the federal government and commercial business sectors. His leadership style is inspired by sports greats Fran Tarkenton and Vince Lombardi. For example, Petti takes many aspects of sports training, coaching and development, and applies them to his business leadership principles.

QUICK TIP: “Winning and losing are both habits.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: During the sequestration, continuing resolutions and government shutdown of 2013, there was a great deal of uncertainty in the government defense contracting space. “We chose to take this time to motivate and inspire our employees, providing open and honest communication and letting them know the status of PROTEUS’s contracts, budgets, and our plans for handling the potential government shutdown,” says Petti. “We stressed to the employees that jobs were protected.”

DRIVING VALUE: PROTEUS reorganized its program management office in late 2014, creating a new “client delivery organization” that was built to enable scalable growth and development of leaders within the company’s technical delivery programs. “After a few months of settling into the new structure, the executive leadership team at PROTEUS asked me to develop and teach a leadership class to the team leads,” says Petti. The class has given team members valuable materials to reference in their daily work and improved the leadership capabilities of PROTEUS’s employee base, he says.