Jennifer Hunter

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Industry: Technology

Years in role: 14
Years at company: 1.7

Jennifer Hunter
Director of HR

Verb8TM, Inc.

PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: “When I joined Verb8tm, Inc. last fall, I found that employees had to keep track of several different websites for their employment services: two separate benefit portals, a time card website, 401(k) website and payroll website,” says Jennifer Hunter, director of HR. “I streamlined the process by renegotiating all our vendor contracts.” This helped with employee frustration and reduced payroll-processing time from a few hours to less than 30 minutes.

QUICK TIP: “Nothing makes employees leave a company faster than a bad manager.”

EMPLOYEE IMPACT: Verb8tm employs a large number of full-time college students. The company is attractive to students because it offers flexible hours and a relaxed dress code, says Hunter. “Once students begin employment with Verb8tm, almost all
of them remain on as employees until they graduate.” In addition, all full-time positions at Verb8tm were filled by college students who wanted to keep working there after graduation.

STRONG CULTURE: “Verb8tm’s established staff of mostly college students innately possessed a very different attitude and culture from that of the engineers and military veterans I’ve worked alongside for [more than seven] years in previous roles,” says Hunter. “The refreshing mindset brought by our young, college-student workforce within Verb8tm has also brought a culture valuing fresh new ideas and flexible approaches.”