Gorkem Sevinc

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Industry: Healthcare

Years in role: 2
Years at company: 2

Gorkem Sevinc

emocha Mobile Health

SPIRIT OF INNOVATION: “We spend a lot of effort in recruitment to find the right culture fit,” says Gorkem Sevinc, CTO of emocha Mobile Health. What’s more, the solutions developed by Sevinc and his team help patients with medication and care plan adherence, a task that can literally save lives. “This drives our team to go above and beyond,” he says.

QUICK TIP: “Don’t be married to a technical solution or existing software. I have seen so many colleagues waste time and energy trying to make software frameworks do things they are not supposed to.” 

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: As a Johns Hopkins spinoff, emocha has an advisory board comprised of medical experts. “This gives us a competitive advantage in that we are on the cutting edge of medicine,” says Sevinc. One of emocha’s core products, miLINC, can rapidly connect extremely ill patients to specialist care.

ABOVE AND BEYOND: Emocha’s miDOT solution allows patients to document their medication adherence using their smartphones. “We created a rapidly scalable architecture that not only saves public health departments time and money, but also automates complex operational processes,” says Sevinc. “Within just a few months, we closed 20 contracts for various diseases and delivered.”