Dr. Xing Liu

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Dr. Xing Liu headshot

Location: Fulton, MD
Industry: Financial services

Years in role: 10
Years at company: 14

Dr. Xing Liu
Chief Risk Officer

NewDay USA

LEADERSHIP AND MENTORING: For Dr. Xing Liu, chief risk officer at NewDay USA, getting to know the team is key. “We spend so much time in the office, so building relationships is important,” he says. It’s just one element of his hands-on management style: “We have little room for error, so I see it as my job to make sure [the team is] successful.”

FUN FACT: “Although I am chief risk officer, I love to skydive.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: “I always seem to have too much to do and not enough time,” Liu says. However, that can be a good thing, he believes, because it shows that NewDay is growing and developing. There’s another upside: “When time is of the essence, you must delegate more, which provides a chance for your team to grow.”

DRIVING VALUE: Liu and his team were tasked with building internal risk-management and analysis models. These models help NewDay in a variety of ways, such as by providing a large number of leads for the sales team and improved targeting for NewDay’s direct marketing program.