Brian Sweeney

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Location: Lutherville, MD
Industry: Professional services

Years in role: 10
Years at company: 15.5

Brian Sweeney


GROWTH CHAMPION: CFO Brian Sweeney has worked closely with CEO Richard Silberstein to guide Silberstein Insurance Group’s strategy, including how employees are developed through benefits and finances. Together, they have grown the company by 25 employees. Their joint effort also has contributed to an impressive employee retention rate, with average employee tenure currently at 11 years.

FUN FACT: Sweeney has raised $5,600 for charity running the New York Marathon.

STRONG RELATIONSHIP: Sweeney acts as CEO Richard Silberstein’s principal confidant. Both are committed to a common vision for growing the company, staying in sync through daily emails, voicemails and in-person discussions.

ABOVE AND BEYOND: Silberstein Insurance Group has never been in debt, and Sweeney prides himself on ensuring the company lives within its means. At the same time, his tenure at Silberstein Insurance Group has taught Sweeney that the right business decision is rarely based entirely on finances. Instead, each decision has to be weighed based on what is best for both the company and its people.