Arthur Olshansky

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Industry: Technology

Years in role: 3.5
Years at company: 3.5

Arthur Olshansky

Federal Hill Solutions

SPIRIT OF INNOVATION: Arthur Olshansky, CTO of Federal Hill Solutions, has an extensive history of providing technical solutions to SMB and enterprise organizations. In his role at Federal Hill Solutions, Olshansky “keeps everyone on board with the latest and greatest cutting-edge technology,” says CEO Neil Konstantoulas.

FUN FACT: “I used to be in a rap group during the late ‘80s and used to breakdance competitively.”

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Olshansky helps Federal Hill Solutions’ clients stay competitive by streamlining their processes, says Konstantoulas. “He is excellent at relaying information in lay terms to non-tech folks. People often remark on how smart he is, but [he is] also able to effectively communicate in a business meeting to help the client reach the correct platform moving forward.”

ABOVE AND BEYOND: When a customer issue or problem presents itself, Olshansky works on it until a solution is found and completed, Konstantoulas says. Olshansky once worked on a client’s project through the night and into the morning to keep it on schedule.