Arlene R. Thayer, AAAPM

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Industry: Professional services

Years in role: 8
Years at company: 12

Arlene R. Thayer, AAAPM


LEADERSHIP AND MENTORING: “I believe allowing for a team-focused, collaborative environment is a best practice for success,” says Arlene R. Thayer, EVP and COO at KatzAbosch. “Everyone within the organization can lead in a sense. It’s a matter of being open to everyone.”

FUN FACT: “In my free time, I make fiber for knitting, crocheting, weaving, felting, etc.”

OVERCOMING CHALLENGES: “The biggest challenge is continuing to be able to understand your employees over time,” says Thayer. “As you get older and there are more generations between you and the people coming out of school, sometimes, your experience as an adult is so much different than their experience as an adult. Motivating them, challenging them, and relating to them gets harder as you move along.” Thayer has overcome this challenge through listening and communication, which includes paying attention to the situations her staff face on a daily basis and offering advice.

DRIVING VALUE: During her tenure, Thayer has implemented a solid infrastructure at KatzAbosch. “I was able to execute a strategy to create roles and departments for the firm that had not existed before, and nurture those departments to foster further growth and profitability,” she says. “This infrastructure also provided for a much more efficiently run organization.”