OmegaCor Technologies

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Location: Millersville, MD
Founded: 1997
Industry: Information technology/managed services

OmegaCor Technologies

Nabil Sheikh
President and CEO

OmegaCor Technologies had humble beginnings as a computer hardware retail store. “Through the commoditization of personal computers and servers, we quickly realized the need to change our strategy in order to survive and grow as a technology company,” says president and CEO Nabil Sheikh. “As a result, we evolved into a professional IT service provider with a primary focus in managed services and long-term partnership with our clients.” OmegaCor faced the challenge of stagnant growth for several years, but after implementing a significant change to its business model, the company ended 2015 with a 77 percent increase in revenue.

Quick Tip: “Enjoy the long journey of entrepreneurialism — learning, teaching, executing and reinvesting, without losing sight of
your mission.”

As the world has gone mobile, Sheikh knows that the number of interfaces to mobile devices will continue to increase. “To this end, OmegaCor has partnered with leading organizations to provide a comprehensive solution in the area of sales and marketing automation,” he says. “We position our clients uniquely in the industry with our ability to integrate across the technology spectrum.”