North Point Builders, Inc.

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1988
Industry: Construction

North Point Builders, Inc.

Kenneth W. Wingate

North Point Builders, Inc. (NPB) is a commercial general contractor and construction management firm. NPB’s projects include healthcare, public school systems and public institutional concerns, such as fire stations, community and senior centers, government facilities, nonprofit organizations, as well as private clients’ retail and office spaces. Since the end of the recession, the company has grown steadily, and has been able to add administrative staff and field personnel to accommodate an increased workload. “The company has produced a living for myself and many other families,” says president Kenneth W. Wingate. “From this perspective, the return has been worth the investment of time, money and sacrifices necessary to run a small business.”

Quick Tip: “It’s not how you handle the standard stuff — it’s how you deal with the problems that differentiates you from the rest of the field.”

Most challenges faced by NPB’s team are standard in the construction industry: people, materials, scheduling and — especially with nonprofit clients — funding. “Decades of experience and thoughtful problem solving have taught us how to work around these and get jobs done in the most expeditious way,” says Wingate. As part of its dedication to analyzing and solving problems, NPB encourages input from all members of the staff. “We want to know what everyone thinks,” says Wingate. “We need to make sure that what we do is going to last and be of good quality.”