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Location: Columbia, MD
Founded: 2005
Industry: Technology


Philip A. Green
President and CEO

INNOPLEX, LLC has extensive experience in supporting many Department of Defense and intelligence-community clients through all stages of the engineering development lifecycle. Recently, INNOPLEX acquired Anduril Engineering, LLC, a Maryland-based engineering services company. The acquisition “creates strategic opportunities to gain access to highly specialized contracts and customer-directed opportunities at Fort Meade that specifically support wireless signal processing and telecommunications,” says Philip A. Green, president and CEO of INNOPLEX.

Quick Tip: “Invest in your employees — they are your greatest asset.”

INNOPLEX’s name was derived from the company’s mission statement: “innovative solutions for complex problems.” “Our company culture and ethos revolves around the need to continually seek to improve upon past successes and failures,” says Green. “We encourage our employees to take managed risks to stay on the cutting edge of technological advances. We believe success often results from failure turned inside out.” INNOPLEX recently won a large IT services prime contract and works on several subcontracts in support of large prime contractors. These awards have increased the company’s growth by more than 30 percent in the past year and enabled it to strategically position itself for additional prime contracting opportunities in the future. On the other end of the spectrum, Green actively mentors prospective small business owners looking to enter the federal contracting space. Some of his past mentees have gone on to provide support for the National Security Agency.