Holmatro, Inc.

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Location: Glen Burnie, MD
Founded: 1965
Industry: Manufacturing

Holmatro, Inc.

John Freeburger Sr.
Vice President, Manufacturing

Holmatro, Inc. is a privately held global corporation with headquarters in the Netherlands and manufacturing facilities in Glen Burnie and other locations. The company has dealers all over the world, who are managed by regional sales managers. In Glen Burnie, Holmatro manufactures products for the North, Central and South American markets. In 2015, the company replaced all lights in the facility with LED technology. It also replaced the 10 original rooftop units with newer, more efficient units. “We also included a new technology for air handling,” says John Freeburger Sr., vice president of manufacturing at Holmatro. The result of these changes was a 28.8 percent reduction in energy consumption.

Quick Tip: “Seek mentors. This is a good way to get inside ideas from people who have done it before.”

One of Holmatro’s goals is to always develop new products, either by upgrading existing ones or replacing them entirely. “When a group is involved in the planning and production process of the new development, it is crucial that everyone keeps each other current,” says Freeburger. “To accomplish this, we have a series of meetings that happen at regular intervals.” Whenever Freeburger goes on rounds of the manufacturing area, he makes it a point to ask employees how they are doing on a project he knows they are involved with. “It is amazing how just asking a question or bringing to their attention that you are interested in what they are doing energizes them,” says Freeburger.