HMC Inc.

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Location: Columbia, MD
Founded: 1989
Industry: Professional services

HMC Inc.

Kara DiPietro

HMC Inc.’s core competencies include interior design, 3D visualization, food service design, custom millwork and fabrication, and construction and project management services. “We are involved right from the start during the creative process, beginning with a site survey and programming session with the owner or operator,” says CEO Kara DiPietro. “Our designs include all pertinent information that is used by architects and engineers in the production of construction documents for permit submittal and pricing.” HMC provides a main point of contact, a dedicated project manager and additional support throughout the project. This also means that the coordination that normally happens between three or four firms all stays in-house at HMC. “We are able to identify issues and questions and get answers immediately,” says DiPietro. “This allows us to stay on time and on budget with all our projects.”

Quick Tip: “Be the hardest worker.”

As a company whose work involves design, HMC embraces its employees’ creative spirit. “For me, keeping employees focused and dedicated to our mission, while giving them the opportunity to create their own destiny, is a good combination,” says DiPietro. “Our employees can go as far as they want — there are no limits here.” As a result, employees at the firm are dedicated and stay around for many years — some are approaching 30 years with HMC. At the same time, the company hires recent college graduates to create a mix of perspectives.