Hamilton Bank

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Location: Towson, MD
Founded: 1915
Industry: Professional services

Hamilton Bank

Robert (Bob) DeAlmeida
President and CEO

Over the last several years, Hamilton Bank dealt with some problem loans, a low-interest environment and weak loan demand from the business and consumer community. “What allowed Hamilton to persevere was its strong capital position,” says president and CEO Robert (Bob) DeAlmeida. “Three years ago, I took the bank public, which provided us a strong cushion of capital to allow us some time to clear our problem loans and give the bank the financial strength to weather the weak economy. I also saw opportunities to add talented employees from other stressed banks to help drive in loan demand and revenue.” In 2015, Hamilton saw a turnaround, as profits grew and it acquired a small bank. 

Quick Tip: “Do not let anyone take your idea away — having the desire to be successful is 90 percent of what is needed.”

DeAlmeida takes care to listen to ideas coming from all employees at Hamilton. “My management team discusses those ideas and we allow an environment where mistakes happen and we learn from them. Certainly the key is communicating with not just your top senior managers — I communicate throughout the entire organization.” Having a team that’s invested in Hamilton’s future has contributed to the bank’s success. “My lending team is always reaching out to our customers and working with them to solve their problems and create solutions,” says DeAlmeida.