Dynanet Corporation

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Location: Elkridge, MD
Founded: 1995
Industry: Information technology

Dynanet Corporation

Sean Peay

Dynanet Corporation has successfully supported the federal Office of Personnel Management and the Department of the Interior, and has recently won new contracts at these agencies. Internally, Dynanet is working on refining its business development process. Each business development lead will create and maintain an account management plan to better understand the company’s current and future customers. “The better we know our customers, the more we can support their missions and improve our overall customer satisfaction,” says Sean Peay, president of Dynanet.

Quick Tip:Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely job. Surrounding yourself with the best people enhances your chance to succeed, and it makes the process a lot more enjoyable.”

Customer service is part of Dynanet’s company culture and DNA, says Peay. “We live it every day, and it is making a difference. Our customers appreciate the extra effort we put into every project and every deliverable.” Whenever a customer recognizes a Dynanet employee for a job well done, the company shares these positive results with both existing and potential customers. “Our joint successes make Dynanet the great company it is,” says Peay. For future growth, Dynanet sees potential in the cybersecurity, software and mobile applications spaces, among others.