Direct Dimensions, Inc.

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Location: Owings Mills, MD
Founded: 1995
Industry: Technology

Direct Dimensions, Inc.

Michael Raphael
Founder and President

Direct Dimensions, Inc. (DDI) specializes in the on-site use of 3D imaging and laser scanning technologies. “Essentially, we put the physical world, and everything in it, into the digital world in 3D,” says Michael Raphael, DDI’s founder and president. “We provide these services and product solutions very broadly across many industries, including aerospace, automotive, architecture, art and sculpture, historic preservation, health and medical, and lately even for Hollywood movies. … Our scanning and modeling work is used by the visual effects teams to create the amazing CGI special effects.”

Quick Tip: “Stay alert, listen, learn and stay with it. Much of starting a business is perseverance.”

DDI also has been working in the area of 3D human body scanning. Last year, the company was asked to supply a full-body camera rig to UMBC under a National Science Foundation grant. “Now we are collaborating with various departments at UMBC to both improve the technical aspect of this technology, and also on applications for this unique 3D imaging system,” says Raphael. The system allows subjects — athletes, soldiers, patients or others — to stand inside and have a set of pictures taken in a split second. Those pictures are converted into a 3D model to gauge the most accurate measurements for the individual. “We are working very closely with Under Armour at the new Lighthouse Innovation Center to demonstrate that this capability can lead to … mass customization,” says Raphael.