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Location: Annapolis, MD
Founded: 2009
Industry: Technology


Will Crump
President and CEO

“Starting a business in 2009, during the low point of the global economic recession, and forging into an area that was undefined at the time was a significant challenge we had to overcome,” says Will Crump, president and CEO of DATUM LLC. “However, we have stayed very close to the initial core concept we set out to build the business on.” Since then, he says, the market has caught up to DATUM’s vision around the need for better data management.

Quick Tip: “Don’t listen to ‘the experts.’ If you have a vision for an emerging need that no one else has exploited, you will by definition be the expert.”

Every member of the DATUM team has a personal connection to data. “Our team is comprised of former industry experts, seasoned consultants and data-management software developer veterans,” says Crump. “We have fostered a culture that is attractive to those unique practitioners who make data and information management tangible and demonstrable.” DATUM’s hiring process is inspired by Special Forces try-outs. After selecting candidates based on the traditional resume review and interview process, the company sends the top contenders through its Leadership Training Program. “During the two-day session, we play out scenarios we face every day on project sites,” says Crump. “Throughout this exercise, we get a good view into the personality characteristics of the candidates.”