Convergence Technology Consulting LLC

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Location: Columbia, MD
Founded: 2002
Industry: Technology

Convergence Technology Consulting LLC

Larry Letow

Convergence Technology Consulting LLC’s broader mission is to use technology to solve complex data-access problems. Over the past 14 years, Convergence has grown each year and has maintained profitability. “Through that period, we have acquired a few companies, co-developed a cyber product sold around the country and built new lines of expertise,” says CEO Larry Letow. “Our clients range from billion-dollar commercial entities to mid-size commercial companies to government agencies of all sizes. Our main challenge is to maintain our people throughout the growth cycles. Trust, chemistry and respect lead that way.”

Quick Tip: “Don’t believe what people tell you. Make your own truths.” 

Letow takes care to communicate Convergence’s goals and mission as much as possible. “We try to make everyone realize where we are trying to go and how we expect to get there,” he says. “We are always evaluating our team to make sure they are meeting the goals, and to remove barriers and weaknesses. It’s a never-ending process.” For its future growth, Convergence is banking on cyber services and its Intelligent ID cyber product. Letow sees great potential in that sector because “cyber is in its early stages of development. Remember, it has only been around for 25 years in the federal world and really only five years commercially.”