Charm City Builders

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 2011
Industry: Construction

Charm City Builders

Tyler Banks
Owner and CEO

Charm City Builders is primarily focused on “full-gut” renovations of Baltimore City rowhouses, but the company also completes renovation work on all types of homes and buildings throughout the city and in the Greater Baltimore area. “Each dilapidated, foreclosed, vacant or run-down property that we acquire, fully renovate and finally sell to a buyer who is looking to stay here long-term is another cog in the wheel of progress for Baltimore,” says Tyler Banks, owner and CEO of Charm City Builders. “The company directly contributes to the city administration’s goal of drawing and retaining an additional 10,000 families.”

Quick Tip: “Discover the confluence of what you are best at and what you most enjoy, and focus exclusively on that. Build a capable team to handle everything else.”

“From our inception, Charm City Builders has worked strategically with philanthropic organizations to provide better access to services and homes for our residents who are most in need of financial assistance,” says Banks. For example, the company has partnered with a number of community development corporations (including the Dundalk Renaissance Corporation and Southeast CDC) to provide high-end, at-cost construction on homes within transitional neighborhoods. These homes are substantially more affordable due to local incentive programs.