Avena Contracting, LLC

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1992
Industry: Construction

Avena Contracting, LLC

Frank Avena
President and CEO

Avena Contracting, LLC is a commercial drywall and acoustical company. “We take every client seriously and we take every job seriously,” says president and CEO Frank Avena. “So I would say our success is based mainly on our employees. We try to keep them happy.” In the construction business, that means providing a safe work environment, he notes. However, Avena Contracting also ensures employees are trained to pay attention to details and ensure customer satisfaction. Teamwork is another value the company emphasizes with staff. This results “in a highly motivated group of people, who together create an effective and high-energy working environment,” says Avena.

Quick Tip: “A successful company is only as good as its people.”

In addition to hiring the right employees and keeping them happy, Avena believes in integrity as a cornerstone of good business. “I won’t sell my soul for anything. I make sure that when my clients look into my eyes and I look into theirs, I don’t need a contract,” he says. “We have clients where we do millions of dollars of work for a year, knowing, just on a handshake, that when I give my word, it doesn’t change. If they have a schedule they need us to stick by, we’ll do everything we can to make it. I think that’s part of our success — knowing that what we tell our clients, they believe.”