Yolanda Fogg

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Location: Severn, MD
Founded: 2014
Industry: Professional services

Yolanda Fogg
Human Resources Director

Little Eggs Child Care Center

As human resources director for Little Eggs Child Care Center, Yolanda Fogg assists in leading the company’s strategy, development and operations. Before joining Little Eggs, Fogg did not have professional experience in the childcare industry. She took the initiative of studying up on the industry’s regulations, learning the education and training requirements, and networking with other childcare professionals to increase  her knowledge.

Fun Fact: Fogg is a mentor and financial supporter of the Caring for Young Minds organization, which helps at-risk middle and high school students.

Fogg didn’t just embrace a new industry — she also learned how to manage human resources, payroll administration, and the recruitment and employment of personnel for a new business. She developed Little Eggs’ onboarding process and created the company’s policies, procedures and website content. As a business partner, she is closely involved in strategic business planning, ensuring Little Eggs meets its long-term strategy goals.

The center’s location required Fogg to request a special exception to receive zoning approval prior to the initial opening. Failure to obtain the proper zoning permit would have resulted in a delay in opening Little Eggs for the 2014 school year. Fogg had approximately two months to get the exception approved. She worked tirelessly to complete all of the tasks needed to attain approval from the government. On July 29, 2014, Little Eggs received approval to operate the business at its current property, a major victory for Fogg and her team.