Terri Jenkins

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Location: Lanham, MD
Founded: 2004
Industry: Healthcare

Terri Jenkins

Advanced Dialysis Center LLC

Working as a clinical nurse manager, Terri Jenkins witnessed the ill-addressed needs of fragile end-stage renal disease patients commuting to dialysis facilities. “I watched, regrettably, as elderly nursing home residents were shuttled to treatments in extreme weather conditions, often waiting hours for delayed transportation,” she says.

Fun Fact: Jenkins serves the National Black Nurses Association by recruiting and counseling aspiring healthcare workers.

As CEO of Advanced Dialysis Center LLC (ADC), which operates five dialysis facilities in Maryland and Virginia, her vision is to create cohesive, holistic and skilled dialysis care that addresses the needs of patients residing in long-term care facilities. Recently, ADC was awarded contracts to provide site management and consulting services for two additional dialysis clinics in long-term care facilities, building on the established success of its business model. The company regularly participates in fundraising drives for the National Kidney Foundation, including raising money for Kidney Walks and supporting the annual Kidney Ball.

One of ADC’s most notable challenges was extending services to mechanically ventilated patients. Jenkins collaborated with engineering and respiratory-care experts and led the development and delivery of specialized training required to care for patients with compromised respiratory health. “Each of these demands helped shape me as a leader by instilling confidence, strengthening resolve and sharpening problem-solving skills,” she says.