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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1999
Industry: Professional services

Rachel Druckenmiller
Director of Wellbeing


As part of her role at SIG, Rachel Druckenmiller has immersed herself in corporate wellness, health and wellbeing. After earning her graduate degree, Druckenmiller completed a year-long health-coaching program to become an integrative nutrition health coach. She is also certified as a culinary nutrition expert.

Fun Fact: In January 2014, Druckenmiller started an award-winning blog, Rachel’s Nourishing Kitchen.

As a result of Druckenmiller’s leadership, wellbeing has become an integrated component of SIG’s culture, rather than a silo. Pretzel barrels, sodas and jars of M&Ms at the office have been replaced by filtered water, nuts and seeds, and fresh fruit and vegetables. The firm offers a wide range of wellness initiatives to its employees and their families, including onsite health education workshops and seminars, healthy cooking demonstrations taught by Druckenmiller, potlucks, fitness challenges, healthy catered meals, free onsite fitness classes four days a week, community 5Ks, nutrition campaigns, financial education seminars, health screenings, quarterly chair massages and more.

In February 2015, Druckenmiller was recognized by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) as the top health-promotion professional in the U.S. from a pool of more than 200 of her peers. She addressed more than 400 professionals at the WELCOA Summit in San Diego, where she officially received her recognition. She will be speaking at WELCOA’s National Summit in April 2016 on the topic of reframing eating.