Maria Rubeling

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Location: Hagerstown, MD
Founded: 1921
Industry: Nonprofit

Maria Rubeling
Executive Director

Hagerstown YMCA

The Hagerstown YMCA serves the needs of individuals and families in Hagerstown and Washington County. “We are a cause-driven organization that believes in order to bring about meaningful change in individuals and in our community, we must be focused and accountable,” says executive director Maria Rubeling.

Quick Tip: “A strong community can only be achieved when we invest in our kids, our health and our neighbors.”

In the summer, the Y serves close to 1,200 children in a variety of summer camps, including adventure, specialty, sports and language camps designed to meet the interests of all children. The Y also offers swim lessons, aquatic exercise and fitness classes, as well as lessons in citizenship and English as a second language. The Y has nearly 8,000 individual members, at least 105 of which are provided financial assistance.

Rubeling says her most rewarding and successful undertaking this past year has been a funding project for an outdoor pavilion. “This project had been talked about more than 15 years ago,” she says. “For one reason or another, the project kept getting shelved and never got off the ground. I realized that we needed to make sure we had the pavilion before the summer of 2016.” Rubeling and her team raised more than $115,000, enough to complete the project this summer.