Laurie Vaudreuil

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Location: Frederick, MD
Founded: 2011
Industry: Technology

Laurie Vaudreuil
President and CEO

Mosaic Power

Mosaic Power controls the electricity to thousands of residential electric water heaters across the Mid-Atlantic. Before becoming Mosaic’s president and CEO, Laurie Vaudreuil, who has a degree in electrical engineering, stayed at home for 15 years to raise her seven children. “Diving back into the work force — as a CEO, no less — was a tremendous challenge,” she says. “It took a while for me to realize that I had learned tremendous multi-tasking and management skills while staying home.”

Fun Fact: Vaudreuil has created a program through the Women in Technology of Howard County to teach groups of young women the basic steps to starting a business — a program fondly referred to as the “Guppy Tank.”

These skills were invaluable in an industry struggling to adapt to highly advanced technologies. Vaudreuil says Mosaic has weathered significant pivots and challenges due to revenue drops, reluctance to embrace novel technology, as well as rules and structures that were designed around older standard technologies. “We want to make energy efficiency completely invisible to end consumers, while providing a valuable service to the electric grid,” says Vaudreuil. To do that, Mosaic aggregates small residential electric loads into a real-time electricity management service that benefits the entire grid. “We know this because the grid operators tell us and rely on our novel experiences with micro-electricity aggregation to advance and improve their databases and internet-signaling resources,” she says.

In the office, Vaudreuil encourages employees to be physically and mentally healthy with flexible work-from-home opportunities and personal leave plans, and she works with individual employees to encourage positive environments for nursing mothers and working parents.