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Location: Hagerstown, MD
Founded: 1921
Industry: Nonprofit

Kimberley Intino
President and CEO

Humane Society of Washington County

The Humane Society of Washington County (HSWC) provides food, shelter and veterinary care to more than 6,000 animals and serves approximately 30,000 visitors annually. “HSWC accepts every animal in need, whether that animal is being abused or neglected in the home, is a stray on the street, or is relinquished by a guardian,” says president and CEO Kimberley Intino.

Quick Tip: “I believe very strongly in integrity. I do what I say I am going to do and expect the same of others.”

Prior to Intino’s arrival two years ago, the organization had experienced significant hardships and had a poor reputation in the community. Efforts to establish relationships with donors, attract corporate partners and invite foundations to support the mission were minimal and resulted in financial challenges and public suspicion. In addition, the shelter’s daily operations and overall management fell far below industry standards.

Together with her vice president of operations, Intino has worked to instill self-confidence among her staff, elevate the quality of shelter operations and management, and repair the financial deficits by creating a culture of philanthropy. “We have changed people’s experiences with and perception of our organization,” Intino says. In 2015, the organization generated significantly more revenue than in prior years. Intino’s individual fundraising efforts for the nonprofit’s capital campaign yielded $319,000.