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Location: Annapolis, MD
Founded: 1999
Industry: Technology

Jessica Tanenhaus
VP and Director of Consulting

Mavenspire, Inc.

Jessica Tanenhaus, VP and director of consulting for Mavenspire, Inc., is responsible for many of the company’s achievements, leading to its substantial growth over the years. For example, she has worked to ensure the firm’s intellectual property is codified and leveraged as a competitive differentiator. 

Fun Fact: Tanenhaus has a degree in opera from the Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins.

As one of three executives at Mavenspire, Tanenhaus is responsible for the managers and staff members who design, implement and support solutions for clients. This involves the technical evaluation of tools and components, arranging technical and internal training for all consulting staff members, additional professional development for those staff members, process design and automation, and ensuring the alignment of all projects with clients’ business needs.

Because technology professions generally are male-dominated, it can sometimes be a challenge for Tanenhaus to be taken seriously as an executive by clients and staff members. In addition, as the wife of Mavenspire’s CEO, she has to contend with the stigma that the job was given to her rather than earned. Tanenhaus has learned to meet these challenges rather than allowing them to derail her efforts to lead her team.