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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1966
Industry: Nonprofit

Helene Raynaud
President and CEO

Guidewell Financial Solutions

Guidewell Financial Solutions’ mission is to stabilize communities and promote economic self-sufficiency through financial education and counseling. Since 2006, it has completed 180,000 one-on-one counseling sessions and facilitated nearly 2,500 workshops, reaching more than 350,000 individuals. The majority of its clients are low- and moderate-income.

Fun Fact: Raynaud is a board member at the Maryland Council on Economic Education.

President and CEO Helene Raynaud says the 13,000 clients Guidewell Financial counseled between 2012 and 2015 realized a revolving debt reduction of $78 million and a total debt reduction of $117 million. They also returned a total of $54 million to their creditors. “The positive and lasting impact that Guidewell Financial has on clients and community members is one of the principal reasons I chose to work here,” Raynaud says.

Raynaud spearheaded Guidewell Financial’s Million for a Million campaign, a yearlong initiative designed to build awareness of the long-term benefits of financial education and to celebrate the nonprofit’s 50 years of serving the community. One of her executive team’s primary objectives is to meet with more than 100 local organizations invested in financial education and offer the nonprofit’s services. This approach recently led to a new partnership between Guidewell Financial and the University of Maryland, Baltimore, providing a conduit for reaching college students and community residents who need financial and housing counseling services. “I am very excited about this new initiative because I feel it is a great model for future partnerships in the community,” Raynaud says.