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Location: Westminster, MD
Founded: 1927
Industry: Uniforms

Elise Elfman
President and CEO

Unitec Distribution Systems

For almost 90 years, Unitec Distribution Systems has provided uniforms for employees by warehousing and distributing customized products. Elise Elfman became Unitec’s president and CEO during a challenging year for the company, which was quickly followed by the recession. Through careful analysis of every aspect of the business, she worked with her management team to update the brand, expand the client base and create strategic alliances to emerge as successful and profitable.

Quick Tip: “Whether it’s within my organization, my children’s school or other colleagues’ functions, I come prepared.”

Unitec is powered by Proximity, a web-based ordering, inventory management and sourcing technology that allows clients and their employees to better manage resources and eliminate the headaches and hassles associated with their uniform programs. At the same time, “Unitec’s customer-service department is proactive and empowered to resolve all customer-related issues,” says Elfman. These two factors helped Unitec achieve a more than 20-percent increase in revenue in 2013.

Professionally and personally, Elfman assumes leadership roles. “Through motivation, team-building and trust, I convey a contagious, positive attitude that allows each team member to be recognized as a valuable asset, resulting in the achievement of the common goal,” she says. “I encourage and support both my staff and my children to be involved in philanthropic endeavors.”