Diana Smith

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Location: Columbia, MD
Founded: 2005
Industry: Technology

Diana Smith
Chief Program Officer

VersaTech, Inc.

As chief program officer, Diana Smith created a program management office at VersaTech, Inc. that uses best practices to gain client trust, provide successful project delivery and increase business growth with new contracts. Under her leadership, project delivery success increased from 86 percent to 98 percent, and the number of awarded contracts with a key government agency increased by 75 percent in less than two years.

Quick Tip: “Good leaders are always learning.”

Smith achieved this growth by implementing process improvements, using Agile methodologies and coaching team members on best practices. The introduction of a methodology called Kanban helped VersaTech’s IT project teams increase customer satisfaction, with a 25-percent improvement in their ability to successfully capture and deliver client requirements. Smith has contributed to VersaTech’s growth with her leadership over high-profile programs and project teams, including five project managers and 30 IT team members.

The process improvements and best practices Smith championed have resulted in an award-winning technology solution for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The database delivered under Smith’s program-management expertise received the U.S. Department of Transportation’s second-highest honor, which was awarded by the Secretary of Transportation in 2015.