Denita Conway

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Location: Greenbelt, MD
Founded: 2008
Industry: Professional services

Denita Conway
President and CEO

PROVEN Management LLC

PROVEN Management LLC leads complex, large-scale federal and commercial moves across the Mid-Atlantic and strives to deliver meaningful transitions that improve performance. “Facility moves are inherently risky, but with the right partners, executives don’t have to bear that weight alone,” says Denita Conway, president and CEO of PROVEN Management. “For most business leaders, major relocations happen only a handful of times in a career. At PROVEN, we manage them every single day and our team has built a 100-percent success and client satisfaction record. Who wouldn’t be proud of that?”

Quick Tip: “I’m more direct than I used to be. I mean, really, who has time to mess around?”

Conway says that while PROVEN has been a professional and creative outlet for her, she has never had the luxury of calling it her only priority. When she started the firm, she was juggling family responsibilities, including caring for an elderly relative and raising her daughters. “Being a leader has always required me to find my own inner strength and to proactively seek both balance and perspective,” she says. “This situation keeps you in touch with your own humanity.”

Conway serves on the board of the Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce and Hearts and Homes for Youth, an organization whose mission is to serve youth who have overcome immense adversity. She is also involved in Kids Play USA, a foundation committed to removing financial barriers associated with youth sports.