Christine Walsh

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1972
Industry: Professional services

Christine Walsh

Alpha Graphics, Inc.

When Christine Walsh became president of Alpha Graphics, Inc., she immediately grasped what the company meant to its clients. “Clients have consistently told me how Alpha saved them at 2 a.m. with color proofs or typesetting,” she says. “It was the extra, careful steps taken by each of us at Alpha that kept our clients coming back.”

Fun Fact: Recently, Walsh and her team lent their creative capabilities to Netflix’s House of Cards.

In leading Alpha Graphics, Walsh often faces competing demands on her time. “I am a mother and wife, and those responsibilities are just as important as being a business owner,” she says. “A good support structure helps tremendously. Professionally, it was taking those hours out of the day to actually be an owner and not consume myself with the daily routines. When I finally did that, it gave me freedom to accomplish what I needed to.”

Alpha Graphics supports Baltimore’s arts community, such as by sponsoring functions for Charm City Craft Mafia. Walsh serves on the board of Production Club of Baltimore, creating events for new designers and creative professionals in Baltimore to make connections and learn something new. She also supports Maryland New Directions, for which she conducts mock interviews to train people who have been laid off, released from prison or need help getting back into the workforce.