Brooke Hall

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 2009
Industry: Professional services

Brooke Hall
Founder and CEO

What Works Studio

“We only work on projects that are aligned with my personal and professional mission of helping Baltimore achieve its full potential,” says Brooke Hall, founder and CEO of creative agency What Works Studio. The firm started with two clients, operating from Hall’s dining room table. Since then, What Works has grown by leaps and bounds and now makes its home in a 3,000-square-foot office in Mount Vernon.

Fun FactThe Bmore Gives More campaign is now part of a permanent exhibition on The History of Philanthropy in America at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

What Works Studio publishes What Weekly Magazine, which promotes the health and success of Baltimore by highlighting the city’s positive stories, championing the arts scene and innovation community, and encouraging support of artists, events, local businesses, nonprofits and cultural institutions. In addition, What Works is known as the voice of social-media sensation Mr. Trash Wheel and the creative engine behind the Light City festival, which took place in Baltimore for the first time this spring.

What Works was the marketing agency for the Bmore Gives More campaign, which raised more than $5 million in a single day for local nonprofits on #GivingTuesday, a giving holiday developed as an alternative to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The goal to position Baltimore as the “Most Generous City in America” was originated by GiveCorps, a technology company focused on online and millennial giving. What Works handled creative direction, social media, graphic design and production of physical material. “Bmore Gives More is being explored as a model for cities around the world to activate philanthropic initiatives around #GivingTuesday,” says Hall.