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Location: Hyattsville, MD
Founded: 2002
Industry: Professional Services

Annette Johnson
President and CEO

CMT Services, Inc.

CMT Services, Inc. provides consulting, management and technology solutions to government and commercial entities. “The founding vision for CMT Services was to make a difference in people’s lives — using my years of experience, skills and resources to give people the opportunity to work, and to empower them to realize their life ambitions,” says president and CEO Annette Johnson.

Quick Tip: “You get the most of your team through empowerment.”

Johnson says one of her greatest challenges was changing how CMT was perceived: as a niche company providing cost and price strategy. “Ultimately, we expanded our footprint to be recognized as a business entity offering other business solutions,” Johnson says. “Because of this challenge, I gained perspective on the importance of seeking advice and counsel from respected industry leaders.”

CMT has outperformed competitors because of its cost-price expertise within federal, state and local governments. CMT designed, developed and managed a business development reserve program (BDRP) for Prince George’s County. The company invested three years in creating the program, the first of its kind funded by a local jurisdiction. The BDRP is a training platform that enhances the business acumen of small, local companies.