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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 1981
Industry: Nonprofit

Anita Kassof
Executive Director

Baltimore Museum of Industry

When Anita Kassof took the helm of the Baltimore Museum of Industry (BMI) in February 2015, she realized that as the definition of Baltimore industry continues to evolve from traditional manufacturing to industries such as healthcare, finance and technology, it is critical to embrace and leverage that change. Within weeks of the April 2015 unrest following the death of Freddie Gray in police custody, the BMI opened a temporary exhibition exploring the link between unemployment and the turmoil in Baltimore.

Fun Fact: The museum’s walk-in visitation increased more than 50 percent in 2015.

This past spring, Kassof instituted the Changing Baltimore series, which explores how the evolving industrial landscape and the loss of manufacturing jobs have affected generations of Baltimore workers. This fall, the BMI will launch a series that looks at the industries shaping the region today and those industry sectors that will drive the regional economy in the future.

The museum recently embarked on an ambitious capital campaign to restore, repaint and light the 100-foot-tall Bethlehem Steel shipyard crane that towers above the museum’s campus. “Since 1991, the crane has served as both a memorial to the once powerful shipbuilding industry in Baltimore and as a landmark along the city’s waterfront,” says Kassof.