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Location: Baltimore, MD
Founded: 2010
Industry: Technology

Angela Murphy


EZShield COO Angela Murphy oversees the company’s people-facing processes, including human resources, client services and customer care. She manages three directors who lead each of those departments, along with 15 other employees. In her role, Murphy established EZShield’s HR programs and policies as it separated from its parent company in 2010, resulting in more than 90-percent employee satisfaction as measured by annual surveys.

Fun Fact: Murphy serves on the board of directors for the Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland.

Murphy started with EZShield as a human resources consultant and was promoted in 2013 as part of the consolidation of the company’s offices in California and Maryland. She improved morale, while bringing the two teams together to work as a cohesive group. In managing people, Murphy makes sure to define clear owners for each project, along with forming teams to support those leaders.

Murphy has established well-defined career paths at EZShield, helping employees grow within their departments and beyond. For example, call-center representatives have a career path within the call center and also represent a pool of resources for the client services department, enabling employees to learn new skill sets that they can take beyond EZShield. Murphy uses her time with employees to help them advance as individuals and professionals for the greater good of the global workforce.